Is my Chocolate Chip Starfish dying?


He looks horrible and I think our angelfish might be eating his 'chocolate chips' - two or three of them are gone. He slowly moved around the first week we had him but then he started laying on his back and letting his suckies out to wave in the current. Sometimes he would look stiff -suckies still out but pulled close to him and not waving- and we thought he was a goner until we flipped him over and he put his suckies out again. When he stopped turning himself over, we stuck him to the side of the tank once and he slid down to the bottom into a pile of Starfish. We moved him onto the live rocks today to maybe eat algae and he looks miserable still...

I read we should feed him certain things so I guess we can try that today. I hope he's not sick. UGH.

(We bought this tank with the sand, live rocks, saltwater, one fish and Mr. Star from and old dude a couple months ago.)
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Welcome to Fishlore, sorry your first post is about a problem hope our salty members can help you today.

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