is my BN pleco normal?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by GMCMaxx, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. GMCMaxxValued MemberMember

    My BN pleco has an odd tail. I don't think it's a disease because it's been like this since I got him a few months ago. What I am wondering is if it is deformed or is this normal? He is about 3in long.

    edit:added pics
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  2. kribensis keeper

    kribensis keeperValued MemberMember

    i dont think it is defromed he may have been nipped realy bad try to give him a good diet also are any of the fish in the tank chasing him or being aggresive towards him also have you noticed any change in the way his tail look for eg the tail regrowing or any thing unusal
  3. OP

    GMCMaxxValued MemberMember

    I haven't noticed any difference in his tail. I think it's always been like that. Nobody seems to bother him. I do have a black molly who is kind of a pain, but it doesn't ever seem to go around my pleco.

    Do you think the black kuhli loaches are munchin on him when the lights go out?
  4. OP

    GMCMaxxValued MemberMember

    I feed him algea wafers and shrimp pellets every few nights. He usually doesn't eat much of the algea wafers though.

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