Is My Betta Sick?

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    So I've had this guy for about 1 year. He was in an unheated 0.5 gallon prison for nearly 1 year before I moved him into a 5g planted tank with heating, lights, filtration, etc. I know, it was horrible for him. He used to lie on the bottom of the tank and only move for food/air. Anyways, he's much happier now. Unfortunately, while he was in a tiny tank, he must have spent so much time on the bottom that his fins were permanently misshapen. I was hoping better water parameters would help straighten, but no luck so far... So first question: how can I help his fins heal faster?

    Last week during a water change I moved him to a container so I could re-scape the tank. I left the room for a couple minutes and when I came back, I noticed he had jumped out of the container and was flopping around. I quickly put him back in the water and he seemed fine. But then few days ago I noticed a couple of his scales were dislodged. I started treating with bettafix and pimafix, but it looks like one of the wounds got infected. His behaviour doesn't seem to be affected - he's very active and responds well during feeding time. Second question: what else can I do help his scale heal?

    Also, there's a large piece of (what I can only assume to be) feces hanging from his anus. I've never seen him defecate before, but I don't think it should look like this! Last question: what's causing this weird bowel movement? IMG_6991.jpgIMG_6991.jpgIMG_7040.jpgIMG_7050.jpg

    For reference, the water parameters are:
    pH: <7.4 (only have high pH test)
    Ammonia, nitrates, nitrites: 0
    Temp: 78 F
    Filter: Waterfall filter with DIY baffer (using only sponge and ceramic media while medicating, normally has a floss cartridge with activated charcoal)
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    Try adding IAL.

    I’ve heard that they are really good for bettas.
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    It's good that you moved him. His fins may not straighten as it looks like the spines were broken and then healed that way.
    The scales will heal up the just by way of clean water and health levels.
    Did you actually test the water? If your tank is cycled you should have a little bit of nitrates.

    As for the poop, I can't say. It looks like something from inside him, and I don't think it's actually poop. It might be an internal injury. Watch his behavior and eating habits for the next couple days. If the "poop" doesn't go away and he's not able to poop normally then you might want to try a canned pea, to see if that can help clean him out. If it is an internal injury then it will need to heal on its own, again, by good water and good food.

    You may want to vary his diet to help with his vitamins and nutrients. This might help in restoring his fins as well as his scales.

    Keep us up to date.
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    The large "poop" is gone today!
    And yep, I tested the water and it's at 0 nitrates still!
    I've got three types of food - Omega One pellets, TetraMin flakes. I think i'll get some frozen blood worms as well for variety.
    So I guess the main concern is the fins. Do I just need to give him time and hope he heals eventually?

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    Yeah. Basically that's all you can do. If he's healthy and the water is clean, then he'll be just fine.