Is My Betta Sick

  1. fishgame6 Member Member

    been treating him with api fungus cure for 2 days now in a half gallon bowl thats inside his .5 gallon to keep warm does it look like fin rot or tail biting ?
  2. Fanatic Well Known Member Member

    We cannot help without a good example of his appearance.
  3. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    Whats the temp of his water?
  4. fishgame6 Member Member

  5. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    Ok thats good. Can you attach a photo of his fins?
  6. fishgame6 Member Member

  7. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

  8. fishgame6 Member Member

    a split 7 gallon cycled with heater filter no plants but theres moss balls

    theres 2 males in the tank with silk plants covering the divider
  9. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    Ok, id move him back into the 7g since it doesnt looke like fin rot and add more live plants. They get stressed if theres a lot of open space. They tend to like their tanks more on the heavily planted side.
  10. fishgame6 Member Member

  11. Princethepurplebetta Member Member

    No problem, hope he goes back to being a happy lil guy!