Is My Betta Okay?


I just got him yesterday afternoon. He was very active after I got him home & placed him in his new (for now) tank. I have to wait 2 weeks before I can get a 5 gallon tank & filter for him. Right now hes in a 2.5 gallon with a small heater. But I don’t have a thermometer & can’t seem to find one? The water seems kind of chilly to me but I don't know how the water is supposed to feel?

Now all he does is sit at the top of the water (shown in photo below) & every hour or so he will do a little swim around the bowl & find a new spot to sit. Also he doesn't put his top fin up? Is that normal?

I have to wait 2 week to get paid so I can afford everything for it. I wasn’t prepared when I got him & I don’t know much about them either


Your betta is most likely adjusting from being transported from a cup to another home, and it can be stressful.
He's clamping his fin slightly, which means its shut most of the time. Nothing severe.

I would definitely get a thermometer, those are vital to keeping fish.
Here's the one I use:


Betta's like to sit. If your's is hanging out on the surface I would recommend getting a betta log (). My fish love these and I can always catch them hanging out in it.

As for the fins being closed, it shouldn't be an issue. They only really "flair up" when you play with them or if they see another male (including their own reflection). Think if it like having your arms out. Easy to do, but exhausting for a long period of time.

Like Fanatic said, a thermometer is a must have. Ideally the temperature should remain between 78° and 80° F (25.5° and 26.5 C). I also use the same digital reader he linked. I'd avoid the strips that stick to the side of the glass because they can be very inaccurate.

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