Is my Betta dying? Please help!

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    My Betta has been laying at the bottom of his tank since yesterday morning. I transferred him to his new tank the night before. I have him in a 10 gallon tank with a filter (current slowed down by water bottle in front of it), a heater, a few silk plants, a miss ball, and a little floating plant (both plants titled for Bettas). He will eat fine when I put food in and moved around for the net being put in when I was almost sure he had died. He won't even move when close to the glass when I tap it. His gills are moving slowly and heavily. He is now laying on his side.

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    Hello and welcome to Fishlore!

    I'm sorry to hear your fishes condition right now.

    Couple questions to help get a better understanding:

    Do you know the nitrogen cycle? Do you happen to know the water parameters of the 10 gal and his old tank? How did you acclimate him?

    What temp. do you keep the tank at? 78 to 80°F is the ideal temp. for bettas.
    What kind of food do you feed him?
    Any odd signs of illness such as loss of color?
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    Did you make sure the water chemistry in the 10 gal was the same as the water in his old home? (Temperature, ph, Hardness, etc.) Your Betta might be stressed out due to a sudden change in temperature, or something.