Is my betta confused?? Lol

  1. orbelina Member Member

    Yesterday had a bit of a disaster after removing the temp divider between my two tanks each with a betta in.
    Anyway today I noticed one of them has built a very impressive bubble nest he a little confused and thought the guy in the next tank was a female?
    I don't have any females so I can't breed with him anyway...but if he does this again will it stress him out if he isn't put with a female?
  2. orbelina Member Member

    By the way when I say disaster I just mean they both went slightly insane trying to get to each other...:eek:
  3. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    Maybe the other is a female you never know :d
  4. orbelina Member Member

    Oh no they are both definitely boys...the other built a bubble nest a while ago when he was introduced to the female I used to have...:p
  5. xNick Member Member

    The bubble nest isn't just a breeding trigger. Sometimes they make them when they are happy or even bored.

    I don't think he would mistake the other for a female - there would be enough hormones in the water for him to know one isn't there.
  6. escapay Well Known Member Member

    I would make sure to have the divider up at times too so they don't stress constantly about there being another betta. Of course, I find this isn't the case with all bettas. ;)
  7. orbelina Member Member

    Well its the first time this betta has made a nest...I suppose it could be boredom, he was in my community tank until a week ago but he was always being nipped and bashed so now he's in a tank with just an apple snail to keep him company :(
    And I do need to sort out a more attractive divider at the moment its a large padded envelope stood up between the two tanks! :p
  8. xNick Member Member

    Ahh, forget what I said about hormones in the water then ;)

    I was basing that comment on my setup which is a male and a female in a split tank with an opaque divider. They can see each other's shadows when they are both close to it, but that's about it.

    My guy is strange in that he has only build bubble nests on two occassions; one when we first got him and had him in a 5 gal by himself (this was only for a few days) and again when I added an Indian Almond Leaf to his side of the tank a few months after the tank had been split...
  9. jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    xNick, what did you use as a divider?
  10. xNick Member Member

    I used this sort of plastic: which I purchased from a craft store (I think it is used for cross-stitching or something like that)

    To hold it in place (and to get rid of sharp edges after cutting to size) I purchased a couple of non-ring binders (similar to this one: and just slipped it over the edges.

    After using a knife to cut off/smooth any raised bits fins could catch on, I threw it in the tank with the substrate and a couple of decorations to hold it up. The binders were cut to size so it fits snuggly in the tank under the lid so there is no way they can jump over.

    I only had once incident where I was doing a water change and knocked the divider unknowlingly. The next day the girl managed to get to the other side but luckily there was no incident as she was just sitting behind a pot while the guy was sitting in his hairgrass not even aware she was there...
  11. jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    Thanks xNick! Reason I asked is because I am in the process of putting together a 10 gallon divided tank. I bough some smoked glass today as the divider glass, but I'm fearful that it's not dark enough and I'm pretty sure the two bettas will see each other.

    If it turns out to be a problem I'll need to cover the glass with something, and it may be the stuff you used. But I'm also trying to come up with other ideas.
  12. xNick Member Member

    The reason I chose this stuff as it is big enough to allow good water flow but small enough to stop anything getting through. Doesn't look too bad, is cheap, removable and blocks out enough so they aren't bothered by each other.
  13. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    Relax :p let them adjust. The bubble nest is competition "hey you look what i can do, top that". Common.
  14. orbelina Member Member

    Lol I should have guessed 'mines bigger than yours' and all that! ;)
  15. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    lol, my boys loved to do it before nero passed, im hoping lil sol will do it aswell.
  16. orbelina Member Member

    Okay both boys tanks are now fully kitted out with nice soft real plants...we were fed up of looking at the padded envelope divider so we took it out, now the other is building a bubble nest about a macho competition lol!!:eek::p;)
  17. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    XD. Wonder how long it will last? I got bubble nests for a month or so before they settled down. [​IMG]