Is my Bamboo Shrimp eating enough


HI all - I found a bamboo shrimp at Petco and decided to bring it home. I have a 10 gallon with excellent water parameters. There's an internal Aqueon Quietflow filter. Tank mates are 5 Panda Corys, 2 Bumblebee Gobys and 2 ghost shrimp. The first day he was scrounging through the substrate non-stop and I added a nano wave maker – it makes a lot of flow and the plant leaves are swaying no stop. Now he perches upside on one of the big Anubis leaves for hours. I still catch it foraging here and there but nothing like the first day. When I feed my fish I turn off the filter and wave maker for about 10 min because I use a turkey baster to fed the Bumblebees and now with the wave maker all of the food the Corys usually get blows all over so I have to turn it off so they can eat. I use the baster to sot feed the Bamboo. I have been using shrimp powder that I feed my dwarf shrimp (separate) tank and last night I even mashed up the frozen brine shrimp I give the Bumblebees and the Bamboo definitely caught some on his fans and ate them. Is doing this once a night enough for it? I don’t want it to be starving. I also worry my water is too clean for it and it will have nothing to filter. The water is crystal clear and free of algae save for some diatoms on the plant leaves. I have one very large, tall Anubis and two smaller Anubis and two Marimo moss balls. It’s been running for almost 2 years now. The substrate is sand and I do weekly 25% water changes. Am I taking proper care of this shrimp? I’m still new and want to make sure it’s ok.



I do not keep bamboo shrimp but I have advice-

If you see the shrimp using the fans to pick off the ground often usually you need to feed more.

I believe Feohw keeps vampire shrimp, and they are similar species so hopefully they can come.
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My vampire will occasionally be seen swiping the substrate. But he's mainly filtering the water column. I rarely target feed mine as my tank is well established and he gets most of his food without my help - my water is also clear. If you are giving him his own food I'd say he has enough to get by. Just watch water quality. I'd feed every couple of days rather than everyday personally. What is the powder you feed him? I feed mine shrimp pellets crushed into powder and spirulina powder (at least before I spilled the latter.) when I do feed.


Thank you!

It's called Shrimp Baby and it’s a protein powder for my shrimp tank. I've seen the Bamboo perch for hours at a time and clean his fans in his mouth, but I can't visibly see anything on them. He scrounges only occasionally and not frantically. He kind of sits in one spot and picks at the sand or the cholla wood.

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