Is my balloon belly Molly pregnant?

  1. Bamafish353 Member Member

    I have 5 mollies in a 20 gallon tank and I was wondering if my Molly is pregnant. I am raising guppy fry right now so I have experience in that area. Thanks in advance![​IMG]
    You can't see it in the picture but there is a dark spot close to her anal fin.
  2. BonBon Member Member

    Yep, she looks pregnant! My balloon belly Molly gave birth this morning and she was about the same size and shape as yours is. Congrats!
  3. Bamafish353 Member Member

    Yay!!!!!!! I think I'm gonna let nature take its course but, I'll save about 10. Can I keep molly fry with guppy fry? My guppy fry are about 2-3 weeks old. When should I expect her to deliver? How many fry do they have on average? Thank you for the response!!!
  4. BonBon Member Member

    The Molly and guppy fry should by good together, just make sure that if they're in a breeder net, that it's big enough. She should deliver in the next week. If you want to keep babies get plants like hornwort so the babies have a chance before you find them. If it is her first batch, she may only have 2-4 babies. If you got her from a pet store, this is probably not her fist batch. If that is the case she could have anywhere from 15-20 babies. As she gets closer to delivery she might get picked on by male mollies... If this is the case try to separate her from them so that the babies don't come prematurely. Good luck!
  5. Bamafish353 Member Member

    I keep my fry in a separate tank. I have some top plants but I plan on separating her from the others but what I mention by let nature take its course is that when she has them there aren't many places to hide. I got her from the pet store. When should I separate her? You have been such a help!!
  6. BonBon Member Member

    Separate her when she starts showing signs of labor, such as white poop, not eating, being aggressive toward other fish, or the opposite, being shy, staying in corners or near a heater, or shaking. Once she displays this behavior, the babies are ready to come. If you move her before this, the babies are still premature and the stress of moving could cause her to have them early, resulting in them drowning.
  7. Bamafish353 Member Member

    Ok, well there is something white kind of poking out around her anus. She is being VERY aggressive I'm not sure about the poop but she is eating a lot. Sorry for being a pest but I'm just worried. :) she is acting all spazzed out too.
  8. BonBon Member Member

    You're not being a pest, you're looking out for your fish :). Is she normally aggressive? If a fish is in labor, it doesn't mean she is doing everything I listed, just some. Could you get a picture of the white thing? Could it be poop?
  9. Bamafish353 Member Member

    Usually she is very calm. I think the white thing is just her butt. Her stomach is very flat on the bottom. Does that mean anything? Can you also determine if this one is pregnant? [​IMG]
  10. SnarkyXTS Member Member

    White thing poking out could be her birthing tube so she could be really close to having her fry. Also if she's being aggressive, that can be another sign of getting ready to drop dry. Balloon mollies are tricky when it comes to predicting fry drop since their bodies are altered. Best of luck though, my balloon mollies are one of my favorite fish!
  11. BonBon Member Member

    That one up there also looks pregnant, maybe a week from dropping. Lucky you! If you can determine that the white thing is a birthing tube, separate her and prepare for fry!
  12. Bamafish353 Member Member

    Oh my goodness yay!!! I'm ready! I have prepared a 2.5 gallon tank for a birthing tank! My orange one is pooping white!!
  13. BonBon Member Member

    YAAAY! Be sure to post pics of the fry! Also if the 2.5 is filtered not using a sponge filter then cover the intake so that the babies can't be sucked in.
  14. BonBon Member Member

    Any fry yet?