Is my Angelfish sick ?

  1. A

    AndrewEscude Valued Member Member

    Hey guys, this morning i found my smaller angel dead in the hiding spot and the other fish were picking him apart.
    I dont know what happened i just thought it was an aggression problem and others killed him.
    But now i see that my 2 other (white) Angelfish have red stripes all over their body and on their face. I dont know whats happening,this is new they were white with black stripes and they're getting red color. Is it a disease or nothing to worry about??
  2. Harlebleondora

    Harlebleondora Well Known Member Member

    Reddening normally has something to do with poor water quality. Could you give us some more information? Tank size, parameters etc. The angels may not have killed him. A lot of fish given the chance will eat the body of a dead fish. Sorry your little angel died. :(

    Best of luck with your tank!
  3. OP

    AndrewEscude Valued Member Member

    A day passed and the redness is not there anymore! It's weird. I read somewhere that the redness could be caused by stress. Maybe some of them were fighting. Everything is fine now i hope.
    It also could be water because i changed their water yesterday,but i do same water changes every week and nothing happened.