Is my Anemone OK?


I have got a peach coloured anemone in my tank (Orca RA05 - 35 ltr).  The tank has a black bulkhead at the rear of the tank.  Behind this is the filter and pump.  I have stacked live rock in front of the bulkhead.  The anemone has wedged himself between the rock and is attached to the bulkhead.

During the late afternoon and evening the anemone pushes out and is blown up, allowing 2 little clown fish to play around inside it.  During the morning till late afternoon he shrinks up and can hardly be seen from behind the rock.  Is this something to be worried about?


I'm not sure if it's good or not since I'm not a anenome expert but I believe most anenomes get too large for a tank your size 35ltr.=8-9gallons. I also know they don't like filter/powerhead intakes, get sucked up. Mike might be able to help you.


Unsure about your particular situation, but I do know that some anenomes like being partially hidden. They also feed in cycles, collapsing in on themselves when not feeding in order to protect themselves from harm.
This is based on what I have learned from studying tide pool flora and fauna. I have not studied marine aquariums, so there could be variables that I don't know about.
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Yeah, that'd be difficult to keep stable water parameters in such a small tank for an anemone. Do you know the scientific name for your anemone? What kind of lights are you running? Are you feeding the anemone anything?

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