Is My Albino Bristlenose Pleco's Fin Okay.

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  1. FishxXxKILLMExXx

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    I've had my bristlenose pleco for about two months now and I was looking into its tank today (which contains an assortment of fish) and I noticed the tip of one of its fins on the side was red and I was if it will be okay and why i
  2. Ed204

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    Hello there,
    Do you have any pictures of the fish, that would definitely help in finding out what’s the problem.

  3. OP

    FishxXxKILLMExXxNew MemberMember

    I couldn't get a picture of it but I found this on google and it's the same as what's on mine.

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  4. Feohw

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    If you read the thread that pic came from it says that it could have damaged itself on decor. Is there anything in your tank with tight spaces/crevices that it could have scraped its fins on? It also says that it could have been the gravel, but I have mine on gravel and its perfectly fine - though sharper gravels could maybe cause an issue and my gravel is much smaller than in that picture.

    It wouldn't hurt either to know the water parameters of your tank.
  5. OP

    FishxXxKILLMExXxNew MemberMember

    My gravel is smooth and my pleco is still a juvenile so I dont think there are any crevices too small for him and I only see him on the driftwood in the tank.
  6. Feohw

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    I'd still say the chances are its some bruise/irritation from scraping it against a piece of decor or maybe from another fish in the tank. There's a few threads about BN plecos with red fins and this is usually the case. Usually clears up within a few days too. It still wouldn't hurt to know the water parameters to clear that front and its best to keep the water clean to help it heal.