is my air pump too strong?

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    I have a Tetra Whisper 10 air pump with just a standard $0.99 round air stone in my Aqueon 5 gallon minibow. When I only had my Betta in there I wasn't to worried about the air in the water, because I know they like to get air from the surface too, but when I added my two otto's three months ago I wanted to make sure they had enough dissolved oxygen in the water, and my filter didn't really create much surface agitation to help with that.

    I've had the air stone in there for about 2 months now, but I frequently turn it off, usually at night, because I noticed my poor little betta can't seem to get comfortable when it's bubbling. Too much current. I think it's stressing him out. I got this specific air pump because it had good reviews for reliability and is very quiet, but it seems like it's just too powerful.

    Are there any tips or tricks that anyone knows of that can help reduce the amount of air being pushed through since the pump doesn't have a dial or anything on it? The only smaller air pump I could find was one for a 1 gallon, and it got bad reviews, I'd rather stick with a good product that will last. I've contemplated maybe putting a little pinhole somewhere in the tubing or tying some knots in the tubing, but If someone knows of something that works that wont damage anything I'm open to suggestions! I thought maybe a smaller air stone might help, but in the end, wont the pump push the same amount of air through anyway?

    Thanks for your help! :)
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