Is It Worth It?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Little Tank of Happiness, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Little Tank of Happiness

    Little Tank of HappinessWell Known MemberMember

    Hello fishloreans

    I am very limited on fish stores and just pet stores in general. 15 minutes away from my house is Petsmart with 50% dead fish every time you go and employees just standing around talking. 1 hour away are 2 very nice fish stores, but they are a ways from my house and downtown in the city (traffic haven). Would you go an hour there and an hour back just to get a few fish? Petsmart has just become downright terrible and I'd hate to support something that keeps fish in such harsh and life-threatening conditions. But downtown! That's a long way just for fish. I do love my finned friends but... I'd also have to go on a Sunday morning at 8:00 to beat traffic since school is all week and Saturday is tjd (traffic jam day).

    What would you do?

  2. StarFall

    StarFallValued MemberMember

    I think it would be worth it in the long run to get healthy fish from a fish store further away.
  3. Hill Dweller

    Hill DwellerWell Known MemberMember

    Considering I travel that long to get to work each day, I would think nothing of it :) I am like you, pet mega store (actually not too bad) 5 mins away and 2 really excellent specialty aquarium stores 1 hour away. I love going to the far ones, even if I buy nothing, they have so many fish and many species I've never seen, it's like a trip to the city tourist aquarium without the crowds! Plus they have better range of everything else and much better advice.

    Plus I would feel itchy taking home fish that had so many dead tank mates :-o
  4. fissh

    fisshWell Known MemberMember

    Make the drive ,It's worth it in the long run if you end up with healthy fish.

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