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Discussion in 'Goldfish' started by Sonya, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. SonyaValued MemberMember

    hope sometcan help. I have a Ryukin who spends too much time at bottom of tank. Approximately half the day...maybe more.
    API freshwater liquid test
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 40 - 60 (shades look the same to me)
    Ph 7.2
    I have hard water with low KH. Check ph regularly.
    I have 20 ppm nitrate tap water.
    They have a good diet. Right now he is eating some lettuce.
    Diet includes soilent green, hikari pellets, shelled peas, brine shrimp and lettuce.

    I have 6 fish - 3 Ryukin, 1 fantail, 2 Orandas in a 120 gallon tank.

    Other fish are good, but his (Marilyn) behavior is definitely not normal, and his down time is slowly increasing. His appetite is fine, good motion and balance. Could have stringy poop. Haven't caught the culprit (noticed a long string in the tank), but could be him. I siphon the bottom every other day, and change 30% of the water at least twice a week.
    I could be over feeding - they seem to be able to eat a lot in 2 minutes.
    I've been worried for a while. I'm wondering now if I should separate him. I have a variety of medicine, but I have no idea what to give him.
    Thanks, Sonya

  2. tunafaxWell Known MemberMember

    How long has that particular fish been in that tank with those particular tankmates?

    Can you tell if it's a female or male? Post a pic and I'll try to help.

    Are there any hiding spots in your tank? Could it be that this fish is hiding?

    Re: high nitrates - do you have a pothos? You should definitely put a pothos into your hob, that will reduce nitrates.

  3. NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    A lot of fancy goldfish do tend to lie around, with no problem except their body shape. It isn't always disease - sometimes it's genetics.

  4. SonyaValued MemberMember

    IMG_0239.JPGIMG_2139.JPG He's been with them a few months. I don't know if he is a male or female.
    So hard to tell! He doesn't have breeding stars, and his single anal fin doesn't tell me anything. I took pictures just now, and he was very compliant for his photo shoot. I don't know if you can tell me anything, but that would be great if you want to try! I have some funny pictures of what they did to my aquarium plants five minutes after planting. You suggested pathos? I'm guessing that is a plant? I just started keeping fish in April. I had no idea how rowdy these guys could get! :)

    Thanks for taking the time to try and help me. I really appreciate it.

    Can you tell if it's a female or male? Post a pic and I'll try to help.

    Are there any hiding spots in your tank? Could it be that this fish is hiding?
    He is pretty front and center, facing outwards, while he is lying down. There are plenty of places to hide in the tank. That isn't one of them. I don't get the feeling he's hiding. Also, he's kind of the Alpha fish.

    Re: high nitrates - do you have a pothos? You should definitely put a pothos into your hob, that will reduce nitrates.[/QUOTE]

    I'm hoping!! I'm afraid that I will miss something, and then it will be too late. Hopefully the longer I keep fish, the less anxious I will be. I've had them since April.

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  5. tunafaxWell Known MemberMember

    WOW~! :woot: Beautiful boy. There are tiny breeding stars and a smooth manly vent in IMG_2141.JPG and IMG_2148.JPG. :)

    There is nothing wrong with him that I can see on his body. If he's only been in that tank for a few months, then maybe your golds finally sorted out the pecking order and no one dares to bother him, so he lazes around like a king. If he isn't sitting directly on the gravel but floating/hovering, I wouldn't worry about it. I accidentally mis-sexed a male in March and he used to chase my smaller female relentlessly. Now that she outgrew him, he spends most of his day in the shame basket... unless she wants the shame basket and chases him off. He's a lazy ex-bully now. :)

    Thought...getting rid of those niterates might get him moving more. Pothos is a potted plant. You either steal a stalk or buy a whole thing, rinse off the roots very carefully, and stick it in you HOB. I would suggest buying a whole thing, your tank will need lots of it. It's like 5 bucks. It will drop your nitrates to at most 20.

    For stringy poop and the mystery culprit, you can medicate you pallets with API general cure (there are lots of youtube guides) and that would take care of it.

    Otherwise, unless something goes wrong, I think he's alright. Maybe he's just lazy. :)
  6. SonyaValued MemberMember

    You're awesome!!!
    I will buy a pothos today!
    He is laying directly in the gravel, but someone from goldfish keepers told me that some of the deeper bodies goldfish with long flowing fins can be less active and are prone to do that. Still, i'm keeping my eye on him, and I can't help but wonder if some of his lethargy is because of the constant subjection to higher than nitrate.
    Is general cure better (or more
    Apt in the case) than Prazi pro? I have both, but never used them. I have a ridiculously stocked medicine cabinet, JIC. :) thanks again!!!

    One more question - what does HOB stand for? I've only seen it used as "hang on back" filter. I do have one for my quarantine tank. I could move it over - if that is what you meant by HOB. Would I hang the roots in the filter and drape the vines in the tank?
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  7. tunafaxWell Known MemberMember

    Glad to help!!! He's a stunner.

    Prazi is for external parasites, mostly flukes, and should not be ingested. Since your parasites are internal, Prazi won't do much for you.

    HOB is a hang on back. I assumed you had one on your big tank - if not, no worries! You can put the roots directly in the water if your golds don't bother eating plants. You don't want them eating the pothos roots since pothos itself is sort of toxic when eaten - but from what I know it's only the leaf part. So if that becomes a problem you can put the roots into a tiny breeder box.
  8. SonyaValued MemberMember

    Ok - thanks!!
  9. SonyaValued MemberMember

    I've looked for breeder boxes, but couldn't find any really small ones. I'll post a picture of what I did, maybe you can tell me what you think. I'll have to keep close eye on them. They tried to nibble at a few leaves and then swam away. Do the leaves remove nitrates also, or is it just the roots. I hope I was not supposed to do anything other than wash it really well before I put it in. image.jpg
  10. toolmanWell Known MemberMember

    I would recommend finding a way to keep the leaves out of the water, you want the roots only in the water.
  11. SonyaValued MemberMember

    But they look so pretty! I think I can suction cup the back of roots to the side of the internal filter, and drape the leaves outside of the tank. That should not be a problem. Thanks! In fact, my goldfish are getting a little too chummy with the plant now so I better do this right away

    All leaves are out. still looks kind of cool. I didn't hurt anything but By having leaves in for an hour, did I? Should I do a water change?

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  12. toolmanWell Known MemberMember

    I think you are OK @tunafax says they're kinda toxic so just keep an eye on them for a while.
  13. SonyaValued MemberMember

    As I was adjusting them in my second tank, part of a leaf broke off and my big fat Ranchu ate it whole. I guess we will have to wait-and-see. So far, she's OK. I think I will give her some peas, get that out of her system
  14. toolmanWell Known MemberMember

    She said only kinda toxic but that sounds like a good choice.

    She should get a alert because I mentioned her earlier and will check your thread.
  15. tunafaxWell Known MemberMember

    Sup. :)

    LOL a ranchu ate a leaf. Of course she would, what a typical goldfish!

    The whole panic about pothos being toxic comes from it being toxic to mammals, like cats and dogs and children. Eating a lot of it can definitely kill a pet. The thing is, it isn't toxic to most reptiles. I imagine it isn't toxic to fish.

    I looked into it a while ago, and for all the caution and warning signs, I'd expect there to be at least one reported fatality from a goldfish being a goldfish with a tasty plant in the tank - but there aren't any. I'd monitor that fat and greedy gold for a day or two, but in my opinion she'll be just fine, if not a little fatter. :)
  16. SonyaValued MemberMember

    Ha! Will do!!

    Pothos has brought my nitrates down to between 10 -20. Thanks for the advice!
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