is it safe to ship this pleco?

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    A friend of mine lives in Richmond, VA and she has a common pleco that is 14" she has had it since middle school (between 8-10 years) and it is living in a 50-60g tank right now... I offered to take it from her when my new pond is up and cycled (how ever I go about doing that) she told me she would think about it... now would it be to stressful or even possible to ship a 14" pleco of that size from Richmond, VA to Mattoon, IL? We plan to do it in the spring when it isn't to hot or to cold outside... it will be going into a pond that will be between 91g to 150-200g will also house 1 RES, just follow my thread in the pond forum of this site for other info about that :)
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    If you can find a styrofoam cooler that someone (UPS, UPSP, etc) is willing to ship that is large enough, go for it. If you can get proirety or over night, with a cooler you won't need to worry about the out side temp (unless you need to put in your pond straight away due to indoor limitations).

    You to do know that, unless you can keep your pond at 75+ in the winter, he'll need to be wintered indoors, right?
  3. OP

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    Yes that part is planned out as well. The turtle and the pleco will be housed indoors during the winter and will be outside during the spring/summer... I wouldn't be contimplating getting him/her without a plan B...

    As for the cooler I will have her chat with usps about overnighting him... I want the pond setup before she send him to me though...
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    Good luck catching those two every season for winter :p

    I had a guy hand-deliver a 30cm++ Oscar to my neighbour. Drove it for 2 hours in a 2ft styrofoam container with tank-water on a very cold night, in his boot. The water was still 20C plus when he arrived.
  5. OP

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    Boot = trunk right? And i basically shouldn't worry to much then, is what your saying? I just wonder what the shipping cost would be 0_0
  6. Jaysee

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    I would cycle the filter with ammonia and a trash can.

    A 100-200 gallon fish pond is REEEEEEEEEEALLY small. Probably not big enough for the fish to survive the winter. The pond needs to be around 3 feet deep.
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    Yeah, boot = trunk.
  8. OP

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    The plan is to bring the fish in during the winter same with the turtle (as stated above) also there is now a new plan for a 12'x6'x2' (in shallow part and 2 1/2( at deepest) :)
  9. Jaysee

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    Ahhh, I just saw your other thread.
  10. OP

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    Yeah I am bouncing between the 2 right now lol... well 3 I am keeping the lass group updated with the pond info as well :)
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    i have bought some baby plecos from a member on here and they were shipped with the USPS. It was in the winter and took a couple days. One thing to remember is that the packages don't really spend any time outside except for when the sit on your porch. Other then that they are usually inside of a heated building or truck. The first time I had fish shipped I was a little nervous but you have to remember that a large number of fish come from overseas and are shipped on boats, planes, trucks, etc. I also had about 10 juvenile angle fish shipped to me by USPS also and they arrived safe and sound. I did watch the tracking info online so the morning they arrived at my local post office I went and picked them up so they didn't have to ride around with the mail man all day, my mail doesn't arrive until about 4PM.
  12. jetajockey

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    Shipping a big fish like that is a totally different ballgame than shipping small ones. It's going to be pretty expensive, but it can be done.