Is It Safe To Do A Full Water Change During Nitrogen Cycle?

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Emily34, Apr 15, 2017.

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    So I went on vacation for 8 days and my cousin came over every 2 days to feed my Betta. But when I came home the tank looked dirty when I put light on it. So I used my siphon to get out all the food he didn't eat and it still looked dirty. And since I only got him 17 days ago I don't think the nitrogen cycle is finished. So how can I clean my murky tank? Do I need to do a full water change? I have a filter and heater in his 5 gallon tank. Today he literally went to sniff the gravel or whatever and a ton like white dust came out. It doesn't look that murky but like I said when the light is at it from the side it shows like particles and stuff. [​IMG]
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    What does your test show?
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    Do you mean like PH test?
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    You should be fine to do a water change, but I wouldn't do a full one. Daily changes of 25-50% with gravel siphoning should help you to get your tank clean, without interfering with the cycle.