Is It Possible To Overfeed Shrimp?


Can shrimp be overfed? 2 adult cherry shrimps and a 1cm shrimp managed to devour 1 NLS pellet each day for 5 days in a row. I grew increasingly concerned as I compared the size of the pellet to the size of the shrimp's digestive system. Should I feed more? Less? Their tank has a ton of plants and algae as well.

P. S. I know I'm supposed to have more shrimp- I got 6 at first, then 4 died, then I found a baby shrimp. I'm hoping to get more at Aquatic Experience, if they sell shrimp.


I'm not sure actually, mine eat when they want to, so I never really worry about overfeeding but its a good question


I guess as long as there is no left over food rotting on the bottom it should be fine.


It won’t hurt the shrimp but other unwanted organisms will become an issue....planaria, detritus worms, snails....they will breed like crazy when excess food is present.

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