is it possible to mod my filter cartridge or make my own

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    ok so i have a bit of a dilema at least i think its a dilema but im hoping its not ok so here goes. ok so i bought a new in the box Penguin® 75 BIO-Wheel® Power Filter from ebay its rated for tanks up to 10 gallons which is what i have and i tried petsmart and they dont carry my filter cartridges my filter takes the right size A filter cartridges. petco does carry them but theres no petco near me plus the filter cartridges are expensive, so im wondering is it possible to mod my used filter cartridge so that i can just put removable carbon and the like inside the filter media cartridge if not what are my options other then shelling out $$$ for penguin brand OEM filter cartridges thanks

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    Check ebay maybe for cheaper cartridges, or if youre handy with sewing a bit you could use fish line. Cut your old filter cartridge to size, then sew it back shut.
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    If you are a little bit handy you can make your own filter cartridges for much cheaper, you don't really need carbon as standard but you could use it if you feel it's neccesary.
    In most HOB filters that use a cartridge there is a lot of wasted space that can be utilised so in theory you could make a very good alternative to the branded versions.
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    When I had my Aqueon Quietflow 20, I would just put the actual cartridge where it belonged without using the actual blue holder. This freed up a lot of space to put more media. I stuck quite a few bio balls and other ceramic media in there and also placed a thin sponge in the back for more mechanical filtration.

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    We use the penguin line of filters in all our tanks(10-55 gal) I have cartridges that are at least a 1 1/2 years old. I just swish them in old tank water and put them back in service. You should not need to replace the one that came with the filter for a very long time. But when you do you can get them here . I have dealt with Big Al's for a long time and have only good things to say about them.

    For future reference you are better off with a filter that filters 10x or greater the water column per hour. In the case of a 10 gallon the 100B or 150B would have been a better bet. We have the 150B on our 10 gallon betta tank.
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    Amazon is always good for getting things that are not usually available near you and is often cheaper too. However, you can use a DIY one easily if you prefer. Before I go there though, are you looking for the carbon cartridge or the biowheel? I only ask because in any filter - BioWheel or otherwise - as long as the bio-media portion of a filter is not falling apart, you can continue to use it indefinitely and in fact, is better than the monthly replacements most manufacturers claim is necessary. You don't want to lose the beneficial bacteria that is living in that section of a filter. I second what @Thinder_o_b said, if that part of the filter is really bad, just swish it around in a bucket of used tank water once in awhile to get any accumulated waste out so it doesn't turn into a nitrate factory of epic proportions and pop it back in.

    As for the carbon section, I think you have a few options to choose from as I see it:
    A. Ordering it online as mentioned above.
    B. Buying some carbon packets by another brand - whatever is available in a similar size should do just fine - and substituting those is another option.
    C. If you prefer the DIY method: most pet stores have some form of filter media bag and container full of loose filter carbon. You still will most likely have to pre-rinse like most brands recommend with their premise packets but it will allow you the most flexibility to customize to to fit exactly how you want it to.

    One other thing I do have to mention is Purigen. Many people prefer to use it either in addition to or even in place of carbon. It also has the benefit of being able to regenerate it with bleach and as long as you follow their recommended sequence (main rinsing, soaking and repeating) to ensure you do not end up introducing bleach into the aquarium, it would mean you do not perpetually have to be hunting for where to get your next cartridge by that brand. It will eventually wear out, yes, but you are still talking months or even years before it needs replacing, not a matter of weeks like most manufacturers recommend the carbon be replaced for optimal performance. IE: I have been using the same two packets I put in my canister filter on my heavily stocked 55 gallon aquarium for several months and still have plenty more use left in them before its worn out whereas the carbon has needed replacing ever 6-8 weeks so it might also be something worth looking into as an alternative.

    Let us know how it turns out either way!

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  7. BDpups

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    Save the frame off of one the cartridges you have. You really don't need to worry about the carbon unless you are removing meds. Or unless you really like to use it. It does make the water sparkle in my opinion. I don't use it very often though. Anyway.....

    Save the frame, and then use this cut to fit, and place it in back of the frame you have. Cut it a little bit longer than needed, and fold the top of it over the top of the frame,and secure it with the lid to the filter.

    You can find the filter pad lots of places.
  8. primobryan

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    Yes sir its what I would recommend I make my own cartridge by buying filter floss(pillow stuffing) then wrap in around carbon (loose from pets
    stores) then some biomax ceramic rings and my filter cost is $30 annually with little to no cleaning just replace the filter floss and carbon I only keep the biomax untouched if it were too get clogged I always buy extra and remove half of it and decide whether too rinse it or replace it the best thing about this biomax is you can save it as long as it's in the tank you can easily cycle a new aquarium in days using this established media not to mention it detoxifies ammonia and lowers nitrites so it's by far better than any filter cartridge in the market
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  10. primobryan

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    I just cut about 3-4 filter floss pad to same size of the filter it's the same material as the cartridge just much more thicker(better about 3x thicker and if you make a hole inside the filter floss you can shove carbon in there and make your own cartridge I can easily make 60-70 cartridges for the price of a 6 pack pre made and I can replace them more frequently to prevent the carbon from releasing all of the waste it captured everything I bought from big als it's a petstore from Ontario I ordered online great merchandise for cheap
  11. OP

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    bio wheel is ok i was talking about the filter media