Is It Possible To Buy Just The Booklets For The Api Master Kit?

Discussion in 'Test Kits' started by FishMich, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. FishMich Valued Member Member

    Ugh, a little frustrated. I can’t find the booklets that came with the API Master test kit anywhere! Shortly after we got our first tank and fish, I got very ill and was hopsitalized. All the fish stuff got put to the wayside, I don’t know how the fish survived. We were doing a fish in cycle and my hubby didn’t do anything with the fish while I was in hospital. Anyways, I obviously left the testing kit stuff out and left for the hospital. After I came back home, I had switched to using the Nutrafin Master test kit, so I didn’t even think to look for the API stuff.

    Fast forward to today, I actually want to use the API nitrite test because I’m doing my first fishless cycle and nitrites are off the charts for the Nutrafin test, which only goes to 3.3 ppm. Wanted to check with API to see if it was still under 5 ppm. I’m also recovering from a concussion and there are piles of stuff everywhere, cuz between my illlness and the concussion, I haven’t been able to do much stuff around the house. I can’t find the darn booklets, and maybe they’ve been thrown out? Do you know if I can just buy the booklets somewhere? Sorry for the vent! Just needed to get the frustration out.

  2. scarface Fishlore VIP Member

    You may have to contact them and ask. API offerred me free test tubes when I called, after shattering mine. They also might have directions/booklets listed on their website.

  3. FishMich Valued Member Member

    Ok thank you. I’ll look up their number and give them a call!

  4. Jenoli42 Well Known Member Member

    download the free app "aquarium note"

    it will change your world :)

  5. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    Are you after instructions or the color charts?

  6. FishMich Valued Member Member

    Thank you!!! I’ll do that now. Just looked up API’s number and their office is closed now. I’ll look at aquarium note. Cheers!

    Instructions and colour charts. I know the bottle says how many drops, but I can’t remember how long to let it sit and also need the colour chart.
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  7. GuppyGuy007 Well Known Member Member

    I can send you pics of it if you want...
  8. FishMich Valued Member Member

    Oh that would be fantastic! I’m not technologically savvy, can you send it to me on here or do you need my email? Thank you!

    Hmm, I’m on Apple. Just tried searching for Aquarium Note and couldn’t find it.
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  9. Jenoli42 Well Known Member Member

    ah. poo. :(

    ok try searching aquarium or tank or parameters? maybe there's an equivalent app?
  10. Susiefoo Well Known Member Member

    Instructions here:


    Colour chart attached!

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  11. lilabug4545 Well Known Member Member

    I’m going to save that. Also, remember that the brightness on your screen may change how the color looks from real life, so you have to be mindful of that.
  12. scarface Fishlore VIP Member

    I agree, but for now, maybe as an emergency, I think it will be fine. It will give you a general idea of where you’re at. I would still get the hard copy when you can.
  13. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    WOW! That came out great. Saving it to my computer. Thanks!
  14. FishMich Valued Member Member

    Holy moly, thank you!!!! I finally asked hubby, and he said he wouldn’t have thrown them out. But I have looked through copious amounts of piles, mostly all of it is my son’s artwork of water animals (I’ve never thrown out his artwork and he’s five, I guess I’ve got to stop hoarding it at some point!). I’ve looked through the fish supply shelf, my bedroom, the piles on the train table, the piles on the tv stand (piles everywhere!).

    Thanks so much! I’ll get to testing now :)
  15. Susiefoo Well Known Member Member

    I'm the opposite. I throw everything away. Including instruction manuals. That's why I'm so good at tracking them down online ;)
  16. FishMich Valued Member Member

    C1A39577-B6E9-4CAE-84AA-38469E66AAC8.jpeg Do you think this is over 5 ppm?
  17. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Hate to hear you have not been well. Hope you're well on your way to feeling better!

    Well, that's a very pretty purple if it didn't indicate very high nitrites. Hard to say what ppm, but surely over 5 is a good guess.

    There's a sticky under the test kit sub-forum with a link to the instructions as well. :)
    Freshwater Master Test Kit Instructions
  18. FishMich Valued Member Member

    Thank you, Lucy! I will do a water change to bring the nitrite down, so it doesn’t stall the cycle!