55 Gallon Tank Is it ok to put a bubble bar under a filter.


I was curious how it would affect my HOB filters if I ran a bubble bar across the back of the tank. It would evidently run under both HOB filter intakes, would it affect them in a negative way? Thanks


Try it and observe. I think you will find if you have to many bubbles being pulled into the intake the impeller will be spinning air and water with reduced flow as the result.

I don’t use a bubble bar but if I have a sponge filter a little close to a HOB intake it definitely is detrimental to the discharge.

I suspect you will see in one minute if there is a problem.


Agree with Flyfisha you will notice right away that your filter will be sucking in the air bubbles and sound a bit noisy and could eventually damage them. If your running an air pump you are better off running a sponge filter at the end of it. You will get added filtration and another good surface for BB to grow. Where as an air stone/bar will only make bubbles and very little surface area to grow. The sponge filter will also be able to be moved once in the tank 3-4 weeks incase you have to set up a quick quarantine/hospital tank and will essentially cycle the aforementioned tank quickly.

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