Is it ok to keep pregnant guppy in other bowl for breeding.

Discussion in 'Guppy' started by Anji13, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Anji13

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    So I bought 2 guppy females for my one male :) also one of them is really huge now. I am worried if she is going to give fry like rightnow :p. This is first time for me to keep a pregnant guppy. Should i keep her in other bowl?

    Also, is there any trick by which i could identify that she is going to give birth.
  2. lily potter1223

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    What size is your tank? Do you have any other fish besides the guppies?

    It just stresses them if you move her to another bowl, also if the bowl doesn't have a filter its probably not cycled. Do you have any plants for the fry to hide in? Floating plants like hornwort and the like are good for the fry to hide.

    And are you sure you want 10 billion baby fry? Lol. Do you have somewhere else to put the fry, because they will probably over run your tank soon if it is a smaller tank. Guppies breed like crazy...

    When your female starts to look very boxy and large, she'll drop soon. Do you have any pics?
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  3. OP

    Anji13Valued MemberMember

    I don't have photo.. but I can see her belly .. its too huge..
  4. lily potter1223

    lily potter1223Valued MemberMember

    When she's within 24 hours of giving birth she'll look kinda like this: it was the closest picture I could find but you can see that her stomach is kinda like a square

    Also you should fill out your aquarium info in your profile. It just makes it easier. What size is your tank? Do you have a filter? Plants? What other fish do you have?
  5. OP

    Anji13Valued MemberMember

    I had 5 gallon tank and I wanted to upgrade it to 10... So I bought a 10 gallon with all filter and everything yesterday. Unfortunately that tank is broken... So I couldent set it up... I still have a five gallon tank and I had to keep my new fishes in it. Only problem is.. there are less hiding places in old tank.. It has filter and plants..

    Today I am going to replace my 10 gallon tank and will set up it tonight... But until then I really dont want to take any risk... I checked my tank's water and its cycled.
  6. lily potter1223

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    Okay well good luck with your guppies! :;tg
  7. Joshua Drake

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    You can usually tell the difference between a pregnant guppy and a bloated guppy by a black spot on their abdomen on the head side versus the anal side. Depending on how many babies you're looking to keep, you should probably go above a 10g as you'll overrun yourself fairly quickly.

    I keep my tank fairly planted and have about 6-7 fry that have survived the size in which the other guppies will eat them and they are reproducing at a rate I'm personally comfortable with. Think of it that way, just keep adding plants until you are comfortable with the amount of offspring. The guppies will eat every last fry if they find them soon enough.