Is it normal for Rosy Barbs to have BLACK FINS


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okay, so I been really entertained with my Rosy Barbs lately. For the last 2 weeks I been noticing something different on my Rosy Barbs. Every morning when I turn on the aquarium light, my Rosy Barbs have pitch black fins all the way around. As we progress thru out the day their fins go back to orange color. Is this something common for the Rosy Barbs. They are healthy with a gorgeous glow of orange/red golden color. Also the Rosy Barbs are long fined.
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Most fish change color as they go into "sleep mode". My old black tetras used to be jet black in the morning when the light goes on, and then change from silver to black throughout the day. I've seen rosy barbs with darker colored fins, though, I wouldn't worry too much.

maybe we could get some pictures?


I been trying to get some pictures as they look really awesome with those all black fins.

I will work on getting some shots. There fast swimmers, specially when I get near the tank they think its feeding time and they like to swim around the top canopy covers, its pretty funny. I tried getting pics the other day but they were a bit blurry as they were swimming fast.


I have long finned rosey barbs. the males have black around the edge of the fins. it developed as they grew. the dominant male has more black then the others. the female has none.


good to know. As they get older are they going to keep the black coloration? or are they still going to have color variation every day as mine does?


mine do not have colour variation throughout the day so I don't think I can really answer that. mine have the black fin tips all the time


I haven't kept that species since I was a kid, so I really don't know, but is it possible if the color's varying so much, that it's related to breeding stages? Could the males be flaring up with black hilights because they're feeling a little hormonal and ready to reproduce? As I said, I've not kept this species in a while, but I know that other species will have color fluctuations when they're ready to reproduce.
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