Is it Ick? Ick treatment?

  1. JNikole Initiate Member

    Does this look like Ick? How is it treated? What do I do? Sorry the picture is so awful.. It's not so easy to take a picture of a swimming fish.

    I have this treatment. Is it okay?

    Well I did it. Now everything is blue. Including my hand. It says if it doesn't fix it to do a 25% water change and treat again in 24hrs.

    My main question is, where the heck did this come from? Its been 10 days since we added any fish. (the fish that has it is one of the newbies)

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  2. Landos Well Known Member Member

    I have treated ick with sensitive, scaless fish with only heat. I have not used meds to treat ick, but follow the instructions. It does look like ick to me

  3. JNikole Initiate Member

    The instructions aren't very clear to me. I did the one treatment. And when should I see a change?
    How likely is it my fish will die.
  4. Mlim556 Initiate Member

    As quick as 24 hrs but you need to treat the tank a week or two afterwards to make sure its gone.

  5. JNikole Initiate Member

    So should I treat every day for a week?

    Or just today and then again in a week. It said that I had to remove the filter while it was in there. When can i put them back in? Should I get new cartridges or are the ones I had okay? I*just* replaced them
  6. Mlim556 Initiate Member

    From what I have read your not supposed to remove your filter, just the carbon rocks if your filter has them. The directions on your bottle say to treat every 24 hrs if the symptoms persist with a 25% water changes every new dose.
  7. JNikole Initiate Member

    Yeah I removed the carbon. Not the whole filter. Should have been more descriptive. Should I replace the carbon after this is over or put the old one back in? I don't want to reintroduce bacteria. But I also just replaced the cartridges and don't want to buy again if I don't have to.

  8. Skyy2112 Member Member

    1. Remove carbon,
    2. 50% water change,
    3. Dose treatment
    4. 24 hours later repeat 2 and 3
    Do a total of 3 days of treatment, day 4 do just #2 and repeat again on #5.

    If you dont see results after step 4 (72 hours do one more day, KEEP UPDATES, you cant 'under water change') make sure you have 0 ammonia during this(can be multi-plicately worse), daily testing, treating water if you normally do.

    And yes, if the treatment is blue... So is your silicon and water. The water will fade clear, your siding will stay blue for a while. (QT tank is nice if using a cheaper med)
  9. JNikole Initiate Member

    Thanks so much. This exactly what I've been doing. I'm on day 3. As of now just one of our 7 fish is infected. Unfortunately it's the favorite fish of my 5 year old. As of today, he seems worse. Hanging out in the bottom of the tank, breathing deeply it seems as if he's struggling. Does this mean it's not working? He seems to have less spots. But clearly isn't acting right. Any advice here?

    My biggest question is, where did this come from? How can they catch something when I haven't introduced any new fish or anything?
  10. JNikole Initiate Member

    He died.

  11. Landos Well Known Member Member

    Sorry for your loss :(
  12. Skyy2112 Member Member

    I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes they can have ich in them before taking them home and its more 'internal' and no outside symptoms. Often I would assume from not clean enough water, (atleast a 25% or more weekly change?)

    I have both had luck, and not had luck. Some fish seem to handle it better than others. Sorry I cant be any more help. =[