Is it ich??


I have an Angelfish that has a white spot at the tip of his dorsal and analfins. Also a small spot on one pectoral fin. I do not see any on his body or any of the other fish. I've only had him in the tank about a week or so. Could it be ich? I'm afraid I'm being paranoid... Maybe it was always there and I didn't notice- they don't exactly hold still to be examined


If it is ich, it will look like grains of salt sprinkled on the fish. Are these white spots fuzzy, or do they look like salt grains?


Upon closer looking it appears fuzzy. Like he swam thru a spider web. It is mainly on the dorsal fin but a small amount on the other two fins I mentioned as well. Water seems good and none of the other fish seem affected yet. The angel I. Questions seems normal at the moment.


Here are some photos. I know they are not great but might be helpful. I'm thinking fungus...


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Yeah, it is it fuzzy, it is more likely to be fungal than ich. But they can get both at the same time, so still look out for the "salt"-like specks.


No sign of what looks like ich. My best guess is fungus. Or fin rot.. You can't see in the pics above, but his left fin isn't well. He hadn't used it for a bit, I thought it had fallen off!! Thankfully it is still attached.

I toted my self to the pet store and shelled out for a proper quarantine tank. I filled it using water from the main tank and got things up and running. I transferred him over and have started a course of Maracyn. I hope that does the trick.

At the store I noticed there are a ton of options for fungus treatments. Lots of different opinions around the net on what's best. Anyone here have a tried and true product they have had success with?

Prince Powder

Sorry your angel isn't well. It does look like a fungus to me as well. Keep in mind that fungal infections are generally secondary infections that appear at the site of wounds. Since the areas that seem infected are the tips of fins and the side make sure that there is nothing in the main tank that might be hurting him. Look for decorations with small openings that he might have gotten his fins caught on, sharp plastic plants, anything like that. If you do have decorations with swim throughs, make sure they are not only wide enough, but tall enough to accommodate his size. If he can't get through without collapsing his fins completely it would be best to either remove the decoration or fill in the hole somehow so that he can't get in at all. Also when he's returned to the main tank keep an eye on how the other fish interact with him. Make sure your danios and even the two gouramis aren't nipping at him as the nipping could also leave damage that could get a fungal infection. Good luck with him! I hope he heals up fast.


Good call on the decor. I'll check everything out tonight.

I've been monitoring for agression/nipping since I've had him. The gouramis tend to keep to themselves. The Danios are a bit more frantic and like to chase, but I haven't seen them make contact yet. None of the other fish have fin damage that I can see. I'll keep watching tho

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