Is is ok to add salt to an fresh water tank 75 Gallon Tank

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  1. goofy

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    HI all

    I am a beginner at fish keeping & having a query its as follows.

    Is it ok to add small amount of salt to a fresh water tank to keep the fish inaction free? The person at the store told me to add it.

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    Alot of people say aquarium salt (Not table salt) is good for fish, I don't know if it's true or not. I never use it as it's bad for live plants and my cory cats. Almost every website out there will tell you mollies prefer salinity in their water, but as I said, I've never used it and have had so many healthy mollies I've had to give alot away. Some people swear by it, but I don't feel it's necessary or even in any way beneficial, but that's just an opinion.

    The Great Salt Myth.

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    Good morning Goofy,

    The use of salt is really an old school method. Some members use it and others do not. A few use it when treating for ICH. Salt can cause the fish to have excess body slime. Excess body slime may lead to stress and other issues down the road.

    I used salt in my tanks for many years until I joined Fish Lore and found out that it isn't necessary.

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    Thanks Nostrathomas will check out ur link
  5. Meenu

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    Salt acts as an irritant, stressing the fish so that they over-produce slime coat. Most people think it isn't necessary, and for some fish, it can be deadly. Most people don't recommend it anymore.

    Welcome to FL, goofy
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    The best method of keeping fish infection free is to keep the water clean and clear. Weekly water changes large enough to keep the nitrates down to 20ppm (10ppm is better) will do much more for the fish than salt will.
    In addition to salt not really being necessary, you've got two "sucker fish." I'm not sure what specific type that is, but most species with suckermouths are entirely intolerant of salt.
    It's sad, but a lot of pet stores still suggest salt either because it's an easy sale or because that's just the way it's done. For every new aquarist who asks "is this really a good idea?" there are probably a handful more who just say "okay," because they figure that the people at the petstore know what they're talking about.