Is Having More Filter Better for Small Tank?

  1. UTGrad

    UTGrad Valued Member Member

    I've got a Nat Geo/Eheim PF20 HOB filter for my 5 gallon Marineland Nook aquarium. It's a filter recommended for a 20 gallon tank hanging on my 5 gallon African Dwarf Frog tank.

    Is it ok to have a bigger filter on a smaller tank? The water sure is clear in my aquarium lol.
  2. Quibbles

    Quibbles Valued Member Member

    Hi! It should be okay, as long as it doesn't create to much current for frogs. I don't know anything about the frogs.
  3. Skyy2112

    Skyy2112 Valued Member Member

    Generally you want 5-7 (or even 7-10) times the GPH of your tank. In a frog tank the water usually is lower than the half mark, so honestly a nice 10g filter would usually be accurate. But no, over filtration is not bad.

    As long as your filter doesnt run dry, and the frogs dont mind the current, all good!
  4. clk89

    clk89 Fishlore VIP Member

    Really as long as you aren't creating a hurricane or tidal wave of some sort inside the tank you should be okay. ;)

    If the current is too strong you can always baffle the filter too.
  5. P

    PlantedTanks Valued Member Member

    In your case, no, it's not bad. I wouldn't buy that filter to begin with, but meh...

    You don't need to over filter your tanks, depending on fish load and plant load if you have plants. What you got for your frogs is fine. You should think about upgrading to a 10 gallon though, they'd appreciate the extra room.
  6. OP

    UTGrad Valued Member Member

    Why do you not like the filter? I found it to be very nice. It has a flow control and a great filtration system. It's also so quiet you wouldn't even know it's on.
  7. P

    PlantedTanks Valued Member Member

    I detest any filtration products that require the regular purchasing of cartridges. But if it's possible to modify them, then it's all good.
  8. OP

    UTGrad Valued Member Member

    Oh ok got it. Yeah it does have replacement filters