is erythromycin safe with plecos? and a couple more questions.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by jjc09, Apr 19, 2010.

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    I went to a vet and he diagnosed my fish have internal bacteria and he gave me 2 small packets of erythromycin and told me that I just have to put them in my 20 gallon tank, take out the pleco and place it 2 hours later inside. He told me that I don't have to dose it ever again, just do the weekly 25% water change, however because I'm treating ich and doing daily water changes, I can't help but wonder if the erythromycin diluted in the water is trivial for bacterial extermination, so I wanna know If i should keep on dosing, how often? any aditional water changes necesary? and also if plecos really are intolerant of the chemical.
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    I would dose as your vet advised. It's normal to do weekly 25% water changes in a healthy tank.
    But since you are dealing with a ich you need to keep the temps up and do frequent water changes(doesn't have to be daily) and substrate vacuums.
    Yes plecos are that sensitive to meds :)
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    so no more erythromycin?, also the ich meds pecify that before ading a new dose before it remove 25% of the water, and given that i have a pleco i cant risk the extra the concentration of malachite green and acriflavine. The only somewhat healthy gourami along the other one with the sunken eyes are both like swimming without moving constantly. So I guess that means that the bacteria aint gone, so most likely later in the day ill go get more erythromycin.
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