Is Darkness Okay To Give Birth?

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    mollybabes Well Known Member Member

    As some of you are aware I have quite a lot of mollies:
    Polka dot
    The magnificent 7
    A bit of a back story:

    Polka dot is the one remaining survivor of the first lot of fry I ever had. She is now nearly a year old.
    The magnificent 7 are her younger sisters
    Darkness and Victoria are her babies
    Coconut and Pebbles could be anyone's
    Victoria and Darkness are about 5/6 months old.
    This is the bit I'm worried about:
    Every single fish in that tank (except Coconut and Pebbles) is pregnant. Darkness looks pregnant but she looks too small to give birth and i'm worried that giving birth will kill her.
    I'll post pictures in the morning.
  2. goplecos

    goplecos Well Known Member Member

    Young females give birth all the time,but she will probably won't give birth to more than 1-3. The babies will also be a lot smaller than usual.
  3. OP

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    I couldn't fit their names all on the picture so they are shortened.

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