Is Cleaner Shrimp okay with yellow tail damsels Question

  1. AwNuts Member Member

    This Friday I am about to pick up a cleaner shrimp and 3 Pajama Cardinals.

    I currently have 2 clown fish (nemos) and 2 yellow tail damsels in a 125 gal.

    My main concern is will the cleaner shrimp be okay with the 2 yellow tail damsels.

    Also i have owned the 2 clowns and 2 yellow tail damsels for over a year now. They were transferred from a smaller tank i had into the 125 gal.

    Also anyone know whats the limit of cleaner shrimps i can have in a 125 gal?
  2. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    What cleaners are you planning? This will affect the quantity you can stock.

    I would suggest up to 4 Skunk (Redline) Cleaners, or 12 Peppermints.

    Shrimp should be fine with damsels, I haven't read of damsels devouring inverts.

  3. AwNuts Member Member

    hey Ryan,

    yeah i'm planning on getting the scarlet skunk version of cleaner shrimp. I deff wanted to double check on this first as i didn't want to find the shrimp in pieces later lol.

    One thing that i did read was don't have hermit crabs with cleaner shrimps as the hermit crabs tend to go after the shrimp.
  4. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    I think it depends on which crab. Many are herbivores and detritus feeders (I think typically red and blue leg) and don't bother shrimp - but they (hermits) can nibble at corals.

  5. AwNuts Member Member

    good to know. i was in the debate on when to pick up a cleanup crew and how much. But now i know the typical cleanup crew hermits (reds & blues) are ok, then i won't stress if i do decide to acquire a clean up crew. I know clean up crews are an essential part of an aquarium.