irridescent shark refuse to eat...


I have an irridescent shark that is refusing to eat since his 2 tank mates are gone(they where too big for my aquarium).
Is it becose of that?Can he die from that? Now he is the only shark in my thank..I bougth a small one to keep him company,but he ignore him.

Should I put him back with his "old friends"(sold)?

Thank you for answering...I am very worried about him.


Alot of times if they are schooler types or even loners they will play together but when the leave each other they get depressed. You may want to consider getting some other company if your tank can.

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I did put another irridescent shark,a really small one ,but he totally ignore the new one.It seems like he is trying to find his friends..)
In fact,he ignore everything,even food.
The little new one get along even better with my 2 pimelodus pictus,because my big shark is rejecting him....

The lonely one(the one who doesn't eat) turn around and constantly do that all day..

I think I am going to call the people who adopted my 2 other sharks,they whanted that one too...but I am sad to give him away...
) :
Anyway,I don't whant him to die or get depressed...

Should I do that?(Give it to my friend who adopted his two brothers)
my thank is a 20 Gallon only,and this shark is getting big(about 8 inch1/2).Is it too small for him?I really have to tale a decision soon!!
Do they grow really fast?How long should I keep him in that tank?,if I should keep him...
I need expert advice...

?????I really have to take a decision soon!!Thanks again


I think he might feel crowded and unhappy in a 20 gallon tank with the size he's gotten to. if the tank that his brothers went into is big enough, the best thing for him probably is to be with them and see if it makes him happy again.
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