iridescent shark! need help

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iridescent shark AKA pangisis catfish! need help

hey there!

I have an iridescent shark catfish and he keeps on eating any thing new I put in the tank!!

last week I bought 2 big rainbow barbs and another catfish (yellow with big dark spots) and he ate both the rainbow barbs whole and in 1 day, hes also eaten a full grown silver dollar- I thought it was small fish they ate!.

he opens his mouth really wide and swallows them whole (like a snake eats) -is this normal? coz the man in the shop said they only open a little bit!

hes bout 1ft and hes in a 4ft tank with 1 silver dollar, my new catfish and 3 sucky fish (ones big and brown with spots and 2 are small and swim up side down!) hes fine with all them!

can u tell me wot other fish I can get witout him munching on them?, or if hes getting too big for my tank! any other info would be great too

please help!!!!
foxie x
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sounds like hes getting too big for the tank. how many gallons is it?
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I haven't got a clue how many gallons r in my tank but I do no its 4ft long, 1ft wide and bout 1.5ft high-is this why hes eating everything new I put in the tank?
I just thought he didnt want anything else in there!

I hope that's not the case coz I love my seb! will be really upset 2 let him go I love watching him swim and eat-he looks just like a real shark!!!

he opens his mouth really wide and swallows the fish whole do u no if this is normal? coz the man in the shop said they only open their mouths a bit!

thank u 4 helpin me I love that big guy!!!
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Sounds like a 55 gallon. He needs to be put in a 240gallon ASAP, these puppies can reach 4 feet if givin the space.
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oh god, I was hoping that wasn't the case but I obviously want him 2 be happy!

I don't even know where to start to give him a new home, any ideas?
I live around croydon area if that's any help, lol prob not!!

thanx 4 helping!
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try returning it to your lfs for store credit
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you can put a ad on craigslist, try a local fish store or do what I did and buy a blow up kiddie pool. I got a 52"x52"x24" for 25$. Or the "snapset" kid pools 8x8x15 something like 15$

Mines not set up yet, but those guys in the 55gal will all be going in the 210gal pool. Ill power feed my balas and pangasius's in the 55 til they are big enough for the pool and the 8" goldfish and tins

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ithurtz that's an awesome idea!!!
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Ya, I figured why waste $800+ on a 240gal tank when they would get crowded eventually. Spend 25 on a 210, then 40$ on a 350 then when I am ready for it spend the $$$$ on the real setup. I figure its a win win
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You need to remember that because of it's adult size, they will eat anything that can fit in his mouth, no matter how big your tank is. I have one too. What you need to do is find compatable tank mates. I have a 1000L tank and in it I have 1x Clown Knife fish, 1x Irredecent Shark, 1x Shovelnose Cat Fish and 1x Pleco. They all get along just fine. Hope this helps a bit!!

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