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Discussion in 'Silver Dollar Fish' started by bigdognj, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. bigdognj

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    I recently added 3 silver dollars to my 45 gallon tank. Its been four days, and I've seen them come out only a few times when I was sitting across the room. At those times they seemed happy enough, cavorting together in the bubble curtain and swimming back and forth as a group. If I come near the tank they disappear immediately. The rest of the time they hide near the bottom behind the tank decorations.

    My concern, besides the disappointment of not getting to see them, is that they still don't seem to be eating. I've been putting in some romaine lettuce for them clipped to the side near a sheltered area of the tank and it goes untouched. They remain hidden during feeding time. I feed frozen brine shrimp/sprirulina mix to my other fish. (5 giant danios, 2 angels, platy, dwarf gourami).

    Water conditions are good except for a rather high pH of 7.8, which is the pH of my tapwater. (NH3 0.0, nitrites 0.0 nitrates 20ppm). Is pH shock a likely culprit for their behavior?

    Any ideas on how to coax them out and get them to eat?
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    I thaw out frozen bloodworms and drop them in the tank and every fish i have goes crazy so i would try thag. Chances are the place you bought them didnt feed them lettuce so i would get them eating more.standard fish food like flakes bloodworms or brine shrimp. When i got my clown loaches they were shy for about a week and only after about a month did they while i was watching.

    As for ph shock if you acclimated them right ( floating a bag for 20 minutes and dumping them in is a bad way to acclimate fish). Personally i would juat give them time and try to get them to eat fish food and once they are eating i would try dropping in lettuce
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    Silver Dollars are timid. You need to give them time to settle in. They will eat when they are ready. :).

    They like subdued lighting. Larger the school the better, 6+ but a 125g is needed to accommodate from my experience. They can get spooked easily and dart into the tank walls and decor. When you walk up do it really slowly so they see you. :)

    Mine eat anything I put in; algae wafers broke up, NLS, frozen bloodworms, fresh zucchini and lettuces. They will eventually eat the lettuce you offer. Just give them time.
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  4. Aquarist

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    Good morning,

    Agreed, give your fish more time to adapt. I currently have 8 Silver Dollars in my 265g. Five of them are elders over 10 years old. It took them a couple of weeks to really come around, then they can still be timid for some time.

    You may want to add the lettuce/clip at night and see what happens. They will eat it eventually. I usually add my lettuce about an hour before the tank lights come on.

  5. grfresconero

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    Did you try spinach.Not fresh frozen .thoow out in a cup of the tank water and see them go eat.
  6. OP

    bigdognjNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the advice folks. The fish now seem to have staked out a spot among the leaves of my artificial plants and I can at least see they are all accounted for. Still no interest in frozen or flake food or in the lettuce. I'll pick up some algae wafers and some bloodworms today and see if I can tempt them with either of those or the frozen spinach.

    I'm wondering if my danios are too active for the silver dollars. They certainly get to the food fast.
  7. luke355027355027

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    The danios could be bothering the silvers but when they get hungry enough they will eat. Just remember to.thaw out the bloodworms before you feed them
  8. AlyeskaGirl

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    Mine are just as bad as the Giant Danios. Lol EAT anything.....I have to spot feed my Pictus Catfish so they get food!
  9. Aquarist

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    Good morning,

    Be careful not to over feed your fish simply because you are not seeing them eat. Feed them once a day, or twice a day whatever your routine is and no more. :)

    Too, I would recommend that once you feed, walk away from the tank and be very still.

  10. crackedback

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    SD's are crazzzzzzzzy fast...& when there hungry they will eat...mine go nuts for Hikari sinking wafers & algea wafers.....
  11. Aquarist

    AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Good morning,

    Keep in mind that Silver Dollars are herbivores and will appreciate some fresh veggies in their diet. :)

    In the video below, you'll notice a Lettuce Rib at the bottom of the tank that the fish are eating from. They have already devoured the actual leaf. Too, the Silver Dollars will munch on the green peel of the raw zucchini slice. You can even skin the zucchini, chop it up and feed it as a treat.

    I feed 2 leaves of fresh Romaine to my fish every morning.

  12. Featherfin

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    They're probably scared of the food lol, it took my silver dollars weeks to eat anything. They were especially scared of the lettuce which took them a couple weeks to get brave enough to approach.

    I feed mine mainly bloodworms and beef heart which is their favorite. Once they become braver they eat ferociously, but I still have to step away from the tank so they can eat without fear. I agree that the 45g is too small... my 14 SDs school around my whole 180g and when a few were in a smaller tank they'd injure themselves from spooking.

    I don't think the danios would bother them unless they're picking on them.
  13. cbowlincatfish

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    I have 3 Silver Dollars 2 I have had since I started my tank. The only time I have seen them eat is when I have put bloodworms or live brine shrimp in the tank. I have 2 lights on my tank and I only turn on 1 cause they do not like the direct light. I feed my fish at night right before I turn there liht out that way all of my fish can eat. I will be putting in a new light system tomorrow I just wonder how they are going to like it.