Invert obsession

  1. fengshui

    fengshui Valued Member Member

    If any of you shop for inverts or plants, you should know that invert obsession sells a majority of the results. They seem to have good results but would buying marimo moss balls from them x5 in 2"-3" diameter for $20 with shipping be worth it? Has anyone ever ordered from them?
  2. skar

    skar Well Known Member Member

    I buy local. . so idk
  3. Wendigoblue

    Wendigoblue Well Known Member Member

    I got mine from petco for eight dollars. You will have to wash it a lot using dechlorinated water, just squeeze and rinse. Some might sell you a type of moss that is just stuck onto a round shape to make it look like a real marimo. To tell it it's real and to make more just split it in half. If it's like a ball shaped clump of moss it's real if not it's fake. They take a long time to grow, but pick the biggest and split it up until you reach the minimal size you want one and you'll have plenty. Hopes this helps!
  4. C

    Captain Unusual Valued Member Member

    It's fairly easy to tell without slicing them apart. A Marimo will easily squish, and has kind of a similar feel and yield to a ball of wet paper towels. It also won't float, unless you squeeze all the water out of it.