Invert Id Help Please...

  1. Shrimptastic Girl

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    Hi guys and gals! I have been reading and really enjoying all your information and humor on this site for a while and you all inspired me to start keeping aquariums again! Thanks everyone for a great,
    friendly and extremely informative site...

    Can anyone help id this little bugger, and let me know if this wee thing is harmful? This little one is about the size of a sunflower seed. I have also found an even smaller baby version just today. This is in my 1.5 gal nano freshwater tank housing 8 shrimp + 2 baby snails.

    Thanks! IMG_2204.JPG IMG_2207.JPG
  2. AmazonPassion

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    Its a Scud.

    I've had them in my community tank before, they eat leftovers and decaying matter. Some shrimp keepers don't want them in their tank because of the rumor "they eat shrimplets" but never been any concrete evidence around that rumor. While the other half of shrimp keepers don't mind.

    I like having them in my community tank, sometimes my fish would eat them.
  3. OP
    Shrimptastic Girl

    Shrimptastic Girl Initiate Member

    Thanks AmazonPassion! Feeling much better. I have two very tiny shrimplets and they seem to get along just fine. I've seen the scud and shrimplets eating biofilm side-by-side on the flame moss.