Hellos, yesterday I went and gotten 2x20 ghost shrimps, 20 for 1 tank and 20 for another..
I temped the bags to the tanks for about 40 mins, then every40 mins or so id add water from the tank to their bag and let it continue rest in the tank.. added a cup or so 4 times and I let it rest for an extra 40 mins before introducing them to the tank
1 tank is heated and other is not.
lost 6 in each tank so far..
I expect hopefully have at least 1 guy and 1 girl in each...
would there be a better way to introduce them? do not know really of any means of a slow drip method


Well, it's usually normal for Ghost Shrimp to die off a bit when first introduced.
They are feeders, kept in horrible conditions, then die from the stress.

The slow drip method is just a means of dripping water from your tank into the area where the shrimps are.
I like to temperature acclimate for 30 minutes, then drip for an hour. It's not hard at all

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