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    Hello all!
    I have been a long time lurker but figured I should join as I reference this site quite often when doing any research. (Thank you all for your help!)
    I am sure I am like many of you and was exposed to the fish hobby at a young age, in my case by my mom, who just loved her fish. I wouldn't say she was a hobbyist by any means but her Guppies, platys, mollies and later Angels and Kribensis were always relaxing for her to just sit and watch. By the time I was in HS I had two 55 gal, a 29 gal and 10 ten gallons for various breeding "programs" that I started which ranged from live bearers to Angels and other Cichlids. I had a lot of help by a great guy named Dell (RIP) from a LFS who showed me how they were breeding Angels due to the hole in the head disease that was wiping everything out way back then, and, for a while here in Az, no one was importing angels so you could only get local bred and with that, came a massive price increase of course. Since then I have always had at least one tank set up as a community tank and usually a couple others as quarantine or breeding tanks depending on what I was wanting doing at the time.
    I have recently started getting into planted tanks (Low tech, decent light, dosing ferts, no co2)
    and just recently converted my 125 to planted after the plants that were given to me by a good friend were taking over my 55 and needed thinned out. Right now I just have some basics, Java fern, Anubias, Wisteria, Java Moss, Xmas Moss, Amazon Sword, Bolbitis, Ludwigia, vals, Anacharis (throwback to childhood lol), and some various Crypts. most of these were cuttings or trimmings from a friend and were more of a test to see what I could grow in my tanks conditions.
    My next project will be breeding Rams (GBR, Electric Blue and Gold) as I have found their little antics fun to watch and they have so much personality.
    Currently keeping Neons, Cardinals, Black Neons, Glo lite, Von Rio (Flame), Serpae, Rosy, Black skirt, three different Danios, Tequila Sunrise and Black/Blue Moscow Guppies, Various Sailfin Mollies. I am also a big fan of Cory's and currently have Albino, Green, Julii, Panda, Pepper, Sterbai, and Bronze. I might be getting some Pygmy Cory's pretty soon. Others include SAE, a Blueeyed Bushynose, some Nerites and a few basic Ghost Shrimps (haven't taken the plunge for fancy shrimp keeping....yet...)
    Anywho, that is pretty much it for now. Thank you all again for your posts that have always been a great reference!
    Sorry for the long!

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    Welcome to Fish Lore! :smug:

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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    Welcome to fishlore!

  4. Kermode New Member Member

    Always do! he he! thank you!

    Thank you!
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    If you ever get the time, we'd love to see some of your fish and tanks! Beautiful ram on your avatar by the way.:)
  6. Kermode New Member Member

    I plan on posting some pics here pretty soon. The 125 is still getting aquascaped as I just changed it from white sand to BDBS (with fish in tank...Gawd what a nightmare so it's kinda bare right now but might get done by next weekend (hoping). As for the ram, thank you! It's one of two that I was able to find (local hobbyist trade in) at a lfs. Was really showing good color that day.
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    Welcome to fishlore!
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    Thank you!!!
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    Glad you decided to finally take the plunge! Welcome.
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    Well, I figure it's better to admit you have an addiction and keep doing it...than to deny it standing there surrounded by fish, looking up like like your confused..."what addiction?!?" as water drips off your arm cause you just had to have that new plant for the tank....and yes, the new plant looks great!
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    Hello and welcome!
  12. Kermode New Member Member

    Thank you! Having a good time so far! he he!