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Hello Everyone!

I was introduced to the hobby through a part time job I took at my LFS during my senior year of undergraduate studies. I quickly fell in love with the hobby and decided to begin my very first tank about a year later once I had saved up enough money to get a nicer setup. Earlier this year I setup my very first 20L with a cabinet stand, tidal 35 filter, sponge filter, dual air pump, fluval e35 heater, hygger time cycle light, and tried my best with decorations to replicate the natural freshwater habitats in Papua New Guinea. I chose 5 peacock gudgeons as my centerpiece fish complimented with a variety of blue eye rainbow fish species which coexist in the wild in PNW (buying all from Imperial Tropicals!). I will have to build up my rainbow fish community over time since these species are hard to come by. Right now it’s just the PGs and my cleanup crew (12 blue dream shrimp and 5 otocinclus). I also just setup a brine shrimp culture to provide all my fish with live foods (frozen for now). Can’t wait to see this tank grow over the years while sharing my experiences and learning from yours as well!


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Nice looking tank! Welcome to fishlore! Just wondering, is it a 20-liter tank or a 20 gallon long tank?


Nice looking tank! Welcome to fishlore! Just wondering, is a 20-liter tank or a 20 gallon long tank?
Thank you so much! Ahh my apologies for being unclear — the “L” was an abbreviation for “long” and not “liters” — so 20 gallon long!


Welcome to Fishlore! :)

Im in the process of raising Gudgie fry right now! They like the long plant watering spikes.

Rose of Sharon

Welcome to Fishlore! Hope you love it here!! And that is a very nice tank!!! :)

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