Introducing Our Herd

Discussion in 'Horses' started by Dandee, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Dandee

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    We currently have seven horses. We have one foal to be born this spring and it will be our last one. Last summer we decided to no longer breed but that was after we had bred back one mare. So here is our crew....

    Dandee: 2000 dun AQHA mare

    Doc: 2005 perlino AQHA mare (she is the one in foal)

    Judge: 1994 chestnut Thoroughbred gelding

    Diego: 2008 smokey black (going grey) Mangalarga Marchador gelding

    Belmiro: 2009 dunskin (going grey) Mangalarga Marchador colt (photo is from last summer)

    Piper: 2009 grulla AQHA x Mangalarga Marchador cross filly (Dandee's foal) (photo is from last summer)

    Libby: 2009 buckskin AQHA x Mangalarga Marchador cross filly (Doc's foal) (photo from last summer)

    Doc's due date is May 10th. She was bred by our Mangalarga Marchador stallion (who we sold last fall). He is also the sire to Diego, Belmiro, Libby, & Piper. Diego and Belmiro are full brothers. We sold their dam last fall as well. Both their dam and the sire were imported out of Brazil.

    This is the sire Jivago that we sold and who Doc is in foal by. I really miss him. :'(
  2. Amanda

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    They're all so beautiful!!
  3. Aquarist

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    Thanks for sharing the photos.
  4. bolivianbaby

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    Wow, love your taste in horses! That stallion was stunning! Buckskin and grullo are two of my all time fav colors.

    They are gorgeous and in excellent condition.
  5. lorabell

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    They r beautiful!!!!!!!
  6. OP

    DandeeNew MemberMember

    Thank you everyone!
    We may be giving up breeding and I will really miss having foals, but I could never give up horses completely. I'd be lost without them. :)
  7. Red1313

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    Oh you've got some gorgeous creatures out on your pasture!
    Haha you're making miss my ponies now :p
  8. OP

    DandeeNew MemberMember

    Thank you. ;D
  9. Algae Eater

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    WOW! They're all so beautiful!