Introducing new fish to my African cichlid community tank 40 Gallon Tank

  1. wyguy30

    wyguy30 New Member Member

    I have an abnormal 40 gallon pentagon tank with built in sump with plenty of filtration. I started this tank about 4 months ago and have been gradually adding cichlids as I go. So far I have a yellow lab, a johanni, a demasoni, a red zebra, an albino peacock, an albino mbuna. "i'm unaware of the exact species" and one more mbuna that I'm also confused on what the exact species is. I have plenty of caves, plants and hiding spots for the fish but my question is, what two fish should I add next? I was thinking of a strawberry peacock and another mbuna any suggestion are appreciated. I also have a common pleco forgot to mention that;)
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    IMO your tank is fully stocked now.
    The smallest tank size recommended for Mbuna is 50 Gallon.
    You also appear to have only one of many species in the tank, and this will surely cause you issues as the fish mature and seek tank dominance.