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Discussion in 'Welcome to FishLore' started by PrairieSunflower, Mar 30, 2012.

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    I'm new to this forum... don't have enough "fish people" in my real life. LOL

    I have had goldfish off and on since I was a kid, when I was a teen it went great with little work. I thought I would take up keeping goldfish again several months back and found it not to be the same easy deal it used to be... and have come to believe that people are not producing weaker disease prone fish. After putting a good effort into goldfish, I have given up and decided to start over with guppies.

    I did have a poor start to guppies but that was more my source and not of my own doing. I got 4 guppies off someone who, unfortunately, kept them in very poor conditions... one I euthanized as it had wasting disease, another died suddenly, the third got white spot and didn't pull through... the 4th is still with me and doing really well... but I suspect had a poor start in life as she is quite tiny... and we always recognized that and named her accordingly... Tiny! She is now pregnant.

    I decided to get my following guppies from a pet store despite how I've heard that pet store guppies are poor quality. I added a further 3 females and 1 male to my tank. Currently, all 4 females are pregnant. They are all thriving and wonderfully healthy.

    It is awesome having a healthy tank and not worrying each morning when I wake that I may find something dead. SO... I am hooked on guppies, they are a complete delight!

    That said... my most pregnant guppy is baffling me completely! I have been sure she has been on the verge of dropping for well over a week and STILL nothing! LOL I can even see the silver rims around the fry eyes peeking out at me and STILL they haven't been born... surely we are on the verge!!!
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    Welcome to Fishlore.
  3. p

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    welcome. I am sure you will like this forum and if you have any questions about anything feel free to ask. There is a lot of knowledgable and beneficial people on here.

  4. Aquarist

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    Good morning and Welcome to Fish Lore!

    I hope you enjoy the site.


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    Welcome to Fishlore!
  6. I keep fish

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    Welcome to Fishlore! :;hi2
  7. Fall River

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    Welcome to Fishlore!
    If you would be kind enough to fill out your aquarium profile info it will help greatly should you have any questions or problems.
    There are MANY knowledgeable people here, and they have helped immensely.

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    Welcome to fishlore!!
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    Welcome to FishLore where learning is fun!
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    Now, do you know when she got pregnant? I believe the gestation period for a guppy is 28 days and being a live bearer, she can store sperm. Is it possible that she did drop and is just pregnant again? I have a platy that seems like she is always pregnant but I never see any fry. She may be dropping and the fry are getting eater. Fish do love live food.......
  12. Disc61

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    Hello and Welcome to Fishlore:;hi2
  13. Dino

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    Great to have you with us!
  14. Butterfly

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    Welcome to FishLore!
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    welcome to FL
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    Welcome to the site
  17. Wendy Lubianetsky

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    :;hi2Welcome to Fishlore. I hope your Guppy doesn't splode Lucy.:;laughing
  18. b

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