Introducing Cardinal Tetras to a tank for the first time 10 Gallon Tank

  1. internet13

    internet13 New Member Member

    I never had cardinals before. Well....i had some when i was first getting into the hobby but they died. I really wanna get into so i want to know what fish could go with them, how to care for them, and the water parameters that they feel most comfortable in. i have 4 Zebra danios in my 10 gallon and im moving up to a 20 gallon high. My water parameter are Ph: 6.8, Ammonia:0.0
    Nitrites:0.4, Nitrates:0.10.
  2. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Cardinals are great fish! Not nippy at all.
    Can't comment on their compatibility with nippy danios though.

    I don't know what the care sheets say off hand but I can tell you how I keep mine.

    My pH holds steady at around 7.6. Temperature is around 75-78.
    My water is hard but I don't know the readings.

    I feed them Omega One Flakes. They also enjoy frozen bbs and San Francisco Bay Emerald Entree.

    The Emerald Entree is messy though. It was recommended to me to strain it using a small shrimp net.
    That works well.

    I see you have a nitrite reading. It would be best to make sure the tank is fully cycled before adding any fish.

    Good luck!
  3. Junne

    Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Cardinals are great fish but tend to be a bit "sensitive" to water parameters - AND especially to a new tank. Since you have Nitrite readings, I would recommend you wait until your tank is cycled. They don't do too well in a new tank.

    As for getting along with other fish, I have a school of about 14 of them, as well as their cousin Neons, Glowlight tetras, Ember tetras AND a school of Zebra Danios. They all get along great. I see the Danios chasing them around once in awhile but they chase right back so I believe its just a "playing" thing.
  4. OP

    internet13 New Member Member

    Oh. My 10 gallon is fully cycled its been running for 2 years now, not sure about the 20 gallon though I'm putting all of the decor/substrate that was in my cycled tank in my new 20 gallon high. So is that okay?
  5. Lyfeoffishing

    Lyfeoffishing Well Known Member Member

    One thing I would say is make sure the tank is cycled for them. I recently got my first cardinals (first fish ever) and I made sure to drip acclimate them for a long time (2 and a half hours). Even doing that I still lost 4 out of my 10 originals just chalked it up to bad stock. The other six are coming around and adjusting to the tank a week in and are finally eating (thank god). I will be getting another 10 next week to up my school and then move onto another school of fish for the tank.