Intex Pool Pond

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by matija, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. matijaValued MemberMember

    I have intex pool pond 4000 gallons big.i think of using one inch layer of gravel on bottom of pond(as bio filtration)heavy plant it with hornwort ,water lilies and water hyatchin,to remove nitrates.and use pond filter pump 6 hours daily(very strong pump)and stocked it with 2 common carp,4-5 red fin perch and platies(as forage fish for red fin perch and mosquito control) and put snails so uneaten food is cleaned and carp has some snacks.and maybe swan clams if i find them.and maybe some one trout so i can watch fish jump when i feed it.also thinked about making maggot dispenser,cacthing crickets ,grasshoper,and growing earthworms and mealworms as farming peas,lettuce and cucumbers as aquaponics of this pond for fish feed

    I want ecosystem where i can grow fish for fun,when platies over breed i can sell them and if red fin perch and koi spawn i can or keep some as new stock or put them in wild(native here)or sell them on market.
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  2. ReeferxbettaWell Known MemberMember

    How do you plan to maintain a cycle? You're only going to be running the pump for the pool 6 hours a day? And how is this pump able to support a colony of bacteria? I've never had a pond, so I'm not super familiar with filtration for them, but unless this pump is modified in some way and run 24 hours a day, I don't see how it will support a colony of beneficial bacteria needed to keep the fish alive. I can't really give any advice regarding stocking, but I would highly suggest against releasing any fish into the wild, even if the particular species is native there, it puts unnecessary stress on your pet and the wildlife and is just irresponsible imo. It's a neat concept to modify an above ground pool into a fish pond, but from what I've seen, most people use it as a temporary setup, is this your plan? You do also have to keep in mind that the liner on the pool doesn't last forever, so I wouldn't build this with the intention of keeping it for many years. I guess my big questions would be, is this a permanent or temporary setup? And what are your plans for filtration? (Other than the included pool pump).
  3. matijaValued MemberMember

    Well first and most inportant i had change of plans,instead of using intez pool i will make pond that is similar is that pump doesnt need bio filtration gravel will be in pond whic will be bio media so is waterhyatchin and hornwort(pond will be covered 50 percent with plants)which have big surface area.pump only needs to be mechanical filtration thats why pump wont always work.and i will probably make waterfall so i have oxygen in pond.and pond wont be will be stocked with pond snails,platies and shrimp which dont really make that much waste. And rhen put red fin perch 3 or 4 and maybe 2 carp.

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