Internationalaquatics on Ebay

I figured I might as well right a review for this seller since time and time again I am impressed by their stock's prices and quality. They have loads of cheap shrimp and often some really nice WYSIWYG bettas for around $20 with free shipping. Basically petsmart prices for bettas with the quality of thailand imports (which is what they are) without the hassle of the ambiguous shipping charges and transhipper issues of importing yourself. I've ordered the shrimp at least three times and they have all been top quality with essentially the prices of culls. Once I received a few members of my order with slightly lower grade shrimp than shown in the picture and I was fully refunded by helpful customer service. Their stock looks exactly like it does in the photos and its incredible. Never had a DOA. Just love this place hah.
If i ever go the ebay route, least i have a place to start, now!

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