Internal Parasites In Betta?


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Just over a week ago, I moved with my two bettas. One of them had previously made a move that length with no noticable consequences. After this most recent move, he wouldn't eat, so I thought maybe it was just stress because he's a little older and a little grumpier than he was before. It's currently been 8 days since I've gotten him settled, and he still won't really eat (he keeps spitting out food). Today I noticed white stringy poop hanging off of him and he's been very lethargic and hides more than normal. I'm worried that these might be symptoms of internal parasites. My water parameters are all normal (pH: 7.6, ammonia: 0ppm, nitrite: 0ppm, nitrate: 10ppm) and I did a 50% water change this morning. Should I go ahead and treat for parasites before it's too late? Are there possible medications/baths that will help even though he won't injest them mixed into food? What medications/treatments are most effective for a variety of parasites?
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