Internal parasites- help?!

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    So in general there is just something off about my fish. I have an 87 gallon aquarium, 0amm, 0 nitrite, 30 nitrate. Ph 7.4. The bala sharks look anemic, and two of my three gouramis have wasted away and died. The remaining one is eating well but has just developed two white spots on the tip of the dorsal fin ( larger and more flat than ich), as well as some kind of lesion on his side in the middle. My german blue ram is looking faded in color, and 4 out of 6 red glass barbs (basically see through rosy barbs) have lost their color all together and turned a pinkish white rather than the brilliant red they started with.

    I have read that internal parasites can affect a fish eating, yet not gaining weight, as well as coloring. Except of course the gourami has developed something else with this lesion now. Could this be a parasite? My other fish, barbs, rainbowfish, pictus catfish and spiny eels are ferocious little eaters, nice and plump. I've been thinking about using API General Cure for the last week, but I'm also wondering what the affect would be on the fish who aren't showing symptoms, as well as the spiny eels and pictus catfish who are scaleless....please help!

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    Hi hartgirl, sorry to hear about your fishies :( are you noticing any other symptoms aside from the wasting and white spots on fins ? By chance are you noticing stringy white poo on any of your fishes or spitting of food? If you have not seen any stringy white poop, it's my opinion that you are dealing with something else and not internal parasites.
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    Sorry I didn't see the reply to this thread! I have lost that gourami and all 3 balas :( The only other fish who just doesn't look right is my female German Blue Ram who is rather pale and has lost her brilliant blue spots. She swims around picking at rocks and swimming between plants, still loves to eat, but is also a little thinner than before. I've still not medicated but just saw a video post on here about adding meds to food, so I thought I might try that and see if it helps, rather than medicating the entire water column. Any thoughts about medicating vs not medicating? (Note: I also have 5 fish that are scaleless and are supposedly more sensitive to meds- 2 spjny eels and 3 pictus catfish)

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