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HI all,
Taking off my mod hat
tiphat.gif, it's just an observation.

Over the last few weeks I've noticed a lot of replies include links to other websites, which is great that we're all helping direct members to relevant information. But what I find interesting, and somewhat confusing, is that much of the info being linked to, actually already exists at Fishlore.

It got me wondering as to why this would be, especially when you consider that searching the internet for many aquarium topics will typically return Fishlore results on the first page.

A couple of recent examples:
- A recent thread on sexing Bolivian Rams, members went to the trouble of finding links on other forums, when in fact there is a thread stickied in the Ram Cichlid forum right here on Fishlore
- A thread on using ammonia for cycling, members posted links from all over the net, but there is a great instructional sticky in the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle forum

Now, I'm not saying that all the information on Fishlore is the only right information, but it does intrigue me that so much effort goes into finding information from the web, that is already right here.

Putting my mod hat back on
This link will show you how to get the best out of searching Fishlore:

Give it a shot sometime, you might just be surprised at the information contained here, both on the main website and within the forum. Especially when you consider, the Fishlore stats:
Threads: 154,856, Posts 1,562,281, Fish Lore Members 47,527
With all those posts and topics and members, we've probably covered most things.

Oh, and while I think of it, remember the rules for posting outbound links:
4. Please use the search features and see if your question has already been answered. Please use the most appropriate board when posting your question. Navigate to that board and post the topic from that location. This helps keep the place tidy and makes it easier for those looking for answers to their questions.

5. Outbound links that add to the discussion or help in some way are allowed. However, this does not mean that webmasters for other sites can use this forum to create links to their sites solely for the purpose of creating links. has a reciprocal links page setup just for this purpose. If you're interested in adding your link to, please visit


HI ryan!

I don't have a mod hat to take off

I will say that I know I'm an offender on this subject. While most of the information on fishlore is fairly accurate and helpful, a lot of the articles need deleting or updating and some of the informational stickies are also out of date or incorrect. Personally I just try to link the most relevant, up-to-date info, regardless of what site it's on. If a fishlore article happens to be it, great, but if not, that's just how it is.


Same as junebug. exactly.


Thanks for the replies!
I'm just curious - hopefully we spark some discussion into how to improve the content at Fishlore.

BTW - if anyone feels that an article, or sticky is now outdated, and you want to write an update, feel free to do so.

By writing an (original) article, you could also make yourself some money


We should probably make note of the ones we find that are outdated, even if we don't have new ones to replace them, yes? That way they can be removed or whatever?


Ooh. Now I want to rewrite that thread I did for wild bettas as an article! There isn't one already, is there? My internet is being ridiculously slow and not wanting to load any new pages now...


There's one on sp. mahachaI (not a particularly accurate one), but not an overview of wilds. You should totally make that into an article...


Thank you for the timely reminder Ryan.

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