Interesting idea, looking for feedback.....

  1. peregrine

    peregrine Valued Member Member

    Sooo had brought this up in my intro thread.. decided to actually flesh out a horribly drawn picture from my head... Looking for peoples thoughts.

    So since I know I Suck at art. here is basic concept I was trying to accomplish.. and how I THINK this would accomplish it... I was trying to create a filtration system that would accomplish the following:

    1) Maintenance doesn't have to stop the filtration system
    2) Is modular so can expand out as much as you decide


    So quick overview of how it would work..

    Compartments made of something like PVC with a sealed bottom and a screw top...

    Submersible pump within the display tank to push the water through. Then the Piping (either ridged or flexible)) goes down to a 3 way valve, to be able to divert the flow when you want to work on that compartment. Then after it you have a stop valve ((actually just thought of this could put the quick release hose valves that are used on like air tools or something similar)) So you would divert the flow which meet sup in line to the next chamber and because of the stop valve or something else water is now diverted to the next chamber. At which point you can remove the first and do maintenance on that chamber. Then to the next which repeats, until the final chamber which has the out flow directly into the display tank. Unless I'm crazier than usual this technically should work assuming a high enough water pump flow for the chambers you want. Would also allow for easy addition or subtraction of media ((Example: carbon media only when you need it)).

    I know it would likely be expensive to build and really would only be reasonable to even attempt for a fairly large tank. But I was just thinking.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
  2. Bithimala

    Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    It seems like it would work to me, basically like 3 small sumps.
  3. OP

    peregrine Valued Member Member

    Well my thought on this was, as an example.. each single grouping could be modular so if you needed 4, 5, or more would be easy, just unplug where you want.. add new one plug it into the chain and bam.. additional filtration .. might make a concept one. So you could have sponges in one. Floss in next.. bio in next... carbon in next... etc... only issue i can come up with is possibly power of the submersible pump... not sure what kind of effect it may have on its throughput as you add more