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    Hi all! Kind of a two parter here; Recently I bought a bunch of Hornwort for my 20 gallon that had one male betta and a Pleco. It didn’t last long before it started to ‘melt’. I decided to switch the substrate from gravel to Seachem fluorite dark. I was using flourish and also root tabs for the amazon swords. Hopefully that helps but in doing so, the fluorite bag didn’t say to rinse and my tank is cloudy. Added an addition filter ( I have sponge filters in there) and kept the fish in little bowls inside the tank to keep warm until the tank cleared. Unfortunately, to my complete surprise, the pleco didn’t make it. I feel terrible. Y question is, in a 20 gallon, is/was the bioload even high enough to support my plants...? May be part of the apparent deficiency? Thoughts? I’m not wanting to deal with CO2 set up. Lights are just LED hood lights which could be part of it as well.
    First pics is when I first got the hornwort, second is a week later.

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    Mine went to almost nothing now jas a melting stage..give it time 2019-01-31_14.40.12.jpg
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    Your light looks stronger than mine. This tank has ‘dead ends’. I hope it works out though! Thanks :)
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    Yeah, maybe a combination of better light and fertilizer is what you need.
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    I tried hornwort in a tank that is fertilized. It died and made a huge mess of needles.
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    What are you using?
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