installing my eheim 2227 and running into problems


(1). What is this part??

This came with the eheim 2227, and it was just sitting there when I opened up the cannister. I have no idea where it came from. It looks kinda like an impeller, but the impeller is already there. I see no mention of it in the instruction guide. and I went to this website that stocks all spare 2227 parts and I don't see it listed there either.

(2). I assumed this, but, do I have to cut the tubing to join the spraybar (the outlet of the filter into the tank). It basically says use some short tubing to connect the two (of course It didn't come with short tubing). So I figured I had to cut tubing. It also says to keep both tubing lengths the same. That basically means I ahve to cut both of my inlet / outlet tubes to make them the same length. (Ironically, there is no mentoin of cutting or anyting in the instruction manual)

THanks everyone!

This is going to be a filter in my 90 gallon saltwater tank (mostly fish live rock and some easy to take care of invertebrates).


I have an EheI'm 2227 filter also, and don't know want that piece is. ??? Maybe it's for the output/input quick disconnect assembly.
As for the spray bar, yes there should be a 2" piece of tubing to connect the output u-tube to the spray bar. Though the spray bar
is really for freshwater.

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